Tuesday, July 15, 2014

O Captain, My Tek

***  O Captain, My Tek.

O Captain! My Captain! The ALCS are done;The team has weather’d every rack, the pennant we sought is won;The trophy is near, the crowds I hear, the fans all exulting,Papelbon’s eyes a steady keel, the pitcher sober and daring.But O Tek! Tek! Tek!O the uniforms of red,Where in the bullpen Beckett lies,The game’s score’s ahead.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Things that Make a Geek Girl Happy!

 Everyone says their kids or a pet, so those are just given. I have some major props to give and limiting myself to 20 is hardly easy! I may have to do another 1 or 2 of these before I'm satisfied. It's only when I spell things out like this that I discover more things about myself. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Entertainment News 3/29/2014

Entertainment News 3/29/2014

Love Melissa McCarthy movies? I’ve got the newest casting news for ‘Susan Cooper’ here!

Terminator fans, which ‘Hunger Games’ actor has been cast in ‘Terminator: Genesis’ here!

Which project is going to team up Adam Sandler, Kevin James and this ‘Game of Thrones’ actor? Check out the story for more!

What horror movie remake features Disney star, Cameron Monaghan? Check out the details here!

‘Phantasm’ fans, are you tired of rumors of another film? I’ve got the news that will make you happy here!

Find out who John Cusack cast in his new Wall Street project! Read the story, here!

I’ve got the casting information for LeBron James’ project here!

What actors are filming a new project in their Australian homeland?

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Bucket Garden!!!

 Spring is officially in full-swing! I have survived a week of Spring Break and my unhappy campers are getting booted back into school tomorrow. I’m excited and kind of sad about their going back. No, I am definitely NOT one of those moms that wants my kids to never leave the house. The reason I’m somewhat sad about their going back to school is because summer break is going to be here soon. Then they're here for 3 months!!!