Tuesday, July 15, 2014

O Captain, My Tek

***  O Captain, My Tek.

O Captain! My Captain! The ALCS are done;The team has weather’d every rack, the pennant we sought is won;The trophy is near, the crowds I hear, the fans all exulting,Papelbon’s eyes a steady keel, the pitcher sober and daring.But O Tek! Tek! Tek!O the uniforms of red,Where in the bullpen Beckett lies,The game’s score’s ahead.

O Captain! My Captain! Rise up and catch the balls;Rise up – by you the game is won – for you the nation calls;For you champagne and lots of beer – For you Fenway’s a-crowded.For you they call, the cheering mass, their faithful faces painted;Hear Captain! Varitek!This hat upon your head;Is it some miracle that we’re on deck,And we are runs ahead?

My captain does not strike out, his hits are always neat;My Tek, he does not drop the ball, the perfect athlete;Our team is stable, safe and sound, its voyage almost done;Our fearful trip, the championship, should end when we have won;Exult, O crowds, and play, O Tessie!But Rockies, with sad eyes,Walk the field where my captain plays,Cheering, the score ahead.

***Clearly this was written in the style of Walt Whitman's famous poem, 'O Captain, My Captain'. Please tell me most of you didn't need me to tell you that. 

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