Sunday, April 6, 2014

Things that Make a Geek Girl Happy!

 Everyone says their kids or a pet, so those are just given. I have some major props to give and limiting myself to 20 is hardly easy! I may have to do another 1 or 2 of these before I'm satisfied. It's only when I spell things out like this that I discover more things about myself. 

1. Bacon

2. Boys that can sing and play an instrument 

3. The Red Sox

4. Musicals.

 5. Burt Reynolds’ laugh

6. Disney cartoons

7. Led Zeppelin, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Ryan Adams, Joan Jett, Jimmy Durante, Lucinda Williams, Fall Out Boy, Eric Clapton, Ray Charles, Harry Connick, Jr., Stevie Ray Vaughn Music. Basically anything, I love it all. Right now, I’m listening to some Gladys Knight with Midnight Train to Georgia. Smooth song.

8. I love sitcoms. Some people have comfort movies that make them feel better on a bad day. I have my sitcoms. King of the Hill, Everybody Loves Raymond, Home Improvement, Modern Family, Keeping Up Appearances

9. Converseparticularly comic book Chucks. I have a ton of those sporting everyone from Batman, The Joker to Wonder Woman, I have a pair of Vans that have Boondock Saints on them. I love my shoes!

10. I love seeing live theatre productions. The nearest place for Broadway tours is at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis, MO. Just about once a month, a friend and I hit up the new show. Going Wednesday to see ‘Once’!

11. Having a spotlessly clean house. That is better than the largest dose of Xanax for the calming effect I get from having a clean house.
12. Nail Polish  I’m always checking out new design techniques and change my color out at least twice a week, sometimes more often.

13. Older movies  anything that stars Marlon Brando, Paul Newman or Clint Eastwood - Eastwood, just so happens to be the name I pick for one of the new states in California if they do split. North East west and South California? B----ORING! Do it up Hollywood style, give it something earthy, reflecting an acting legend, a man with political views that can handle a portion of California. Name one Eastwood, then BEG Clint Eastwood to be mayor. That's how I cut up MY California! 

14. Comic Books  I’m a DC fan mostly, but have been known to read a few Marvel mags. I see all the movies, regardless of the parent company.

15. Italy  It’s my goal to finally be able to travel there. I want to see Florence and Rome in the worst way.

16. When I find a picture of myself I’m happy with (it’s a rare thing)!

17.Beethoven  Preferably Piano Sonata No. 8 ‘Pathetique’ in C minor, all 3 movements. People that say classical music puts them to sleep are people I can’t even fathom. If this is on when I try to sleep, I’m playing along with it on an invisible piano. Classical always gets my hyper.

18. Cooking. There are few joys in this world that can compare to spending time working on a dish, adding a bit of this and that, hoping to find that magic combination that has enough meat for the hubs, no veggies (or at least veggies hidden well) for the kids, and little to no red tomato sauce for me. It CAN be done!
My favorite line ever!!!

19. Reading. Whether I’m reading a brainless book that I breeze through, or a classical piece of literature that takes a week or more to finish because of it’s depth, poetry, something from the beatnik generation, or a look at life through the eyes of a gonzo journalist, I love them all.

20. I’m going to call this one my fandom love. This is where I go above and beyond just liking something as a movie, tv show, bookit takes on a new form in my life, you’ll find this love on my shoes, my t-shirts, handbags, jewelry, even to lamps in my house!  I surround myself with the random pieces that make up who I am. “Show me what you love and I’ll tell you who you are.  I can’t find who said that, so I’m claiming it! I have a deep love for *deep breath* and go – Red Sox, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Boondock Saints, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn, Joker, British TV, The Bible, Alice in Wonderland (all forms of Alice), Peter Pan, Disney cuteness in general, Quotes from awesome books, Quotes from all of the above mentioned loves.  I can usually find a way to love everything!

I just proved that I'm a giant nerd of Potsie-like proportions. I admit it, I wave my geek flag proudly * I wear superhero socks with capes on them.* I wear a Wonder Woman cape at Six Flags.* I can't wait for the newest video games to come out.* I have the Tom Lehrer 'Elements' song and the Spider-Man theme song by both They Might Be Giants AND The Ramones all on my iPod.* When I want to cuss, I clean it up and yell 'Sons of Gondor!' a lot. * I've had legitimate discussions on several different occasions talking about the pros and cons of having a light saber Vs. a wand, (I'm all for the wand).* I've spent hours in shops looking at the perfect set of dice, can't decide so I buy 4 (Have to find a cool set to present  Wil Wheaton with when I undoubtedly meet him at Comi-Con!). * You can never have too many dice, right? * I carry on completely normal conversations about comic book characters as if they were real people. *

**If this doesn’t scare you off, then I’m thinking you’re just like me. Welcome to the club! ** 

I’ll have to think of something more clever than The He-Man Woman Hater Club though. *Oh, when you sign in, specify in the battle which side you take.wand or light saber? * Yes, seriously Cupcake! |

Hopefully some life can be breathed into this room! 
I know you’re therejust say hi. !

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