Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride

The dreaded 14th day of February is upon us. I get so nauseatingly sick seeing all the lovey dovey and mushy posts. If that is really your style of showing your significant other love, go for it. I won’t look down on you or make fun of youexcept to my dog. He really gets me some days. As is my tradition, I will give a list of 10 things I truly, with my whole body, heart and soul LOVE for Valentine’s Day.

1.  LOVE my kids. Shocker, huh? If I didnt put them in here first, I probably would have forgotten, altogether, what kind of parent do I look like then? Exactly, the kind of parent that didn’t notice booze missing or her pain pills gone. The parent that threw a pack of matches at a kid that says they’re cold while I sarcastically say ‘Light yourself on fire’.then they do. No, I’ve never actually done that. I mean, I’ve said it, but I don’t let them near matches. I’m not completely crazy!

2. Next up would normally be Percocet. Now that I am entirely away from my pain meds, I     will say something I am in love with is the ability to kick all meds I was dependent on. Yes, Im still in pain, but you know what? Im actually happier now! I have my life back and I’m more me. Take that as you will, good, bad or uglyI show all emotions, now!

3. BoomstickComics  I cannot say this one enough. I LOVE writing for this website. I love seeing everywhere the stories end up. My goal is to make nerds cry and I bet I come close some days. If nothing else, they tell me with NO filter, what they think of me. It’s amusing, keeps me up on current entertainment news and I know I’ve touched someone, somewhere with my written word.

4. Epic music. I meet people and some tell me ‘I’m not really a music person’. A small part of me dies because I can’t comprehend that statement. I love playing the piano, I listen to any kind of music and I’m confused how other people do not feel this absolute driving urge to play air guitar, beat out the drum beats on the dash and sing every section of a four-part harmony. Some of my current faves I can’t stop playing are ‘The Musgraves’, ‘The Black Keys’, ‘The Avett Brothers’, ‘Eric Clapton’, ‘Koko Taylor’ and ‘Johnny Cash’.

5. Broadway Theatre. I have a fantastic friend, Bobbi that is as in love with theatre as I am. The number of live shows I’ve seen since before going with her are all high school or Little Theater productions. Now I’m looking at a new one just about every month, I could not be MORE excited that the loves me enough to be a part of this! FYI: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is coming soon and those of you from high school that remember my completely unnatural crush on Donny Osmond.this is why. I will have to try not to stalk Joseph this go round.

6. Friends. I’ve always been blessed to have some amazing friends anyway. But this year the definition of friend has become so much more clear to me than it ever has before. Chad is the absolute best friend I could ask for! I make no sense, and he makes no sense, but we both understand the need for a drain in the floor! Chanda, Bobbi, Jennifer, Sarah, Courtney, Joe, Mariah.I could go on and on and on and on here, but you guys know I love you and the fact that I can joke about anything, appropriate or not is a great thing!

7. My iPad. I am beyond being in love with my iPad. I can play games, write a blog post, and read 2000 books without needing to load anything new onto it. It’s more dependable than any phone I’ve owned, so thank you.

8. Nail Polish. I’m a total girly girl in a lot of ways. I don’t always wear makeup, or fix my hair, but by gosh, my nails are painted. Not well because I shake like Michael J. Fox most days, but I LOVE to paint my nails, change them up, try something different. If I got for a 2 day trip somewhere, my giant nail bag goes with me. I would rather wear the same clothes for 2 days than not have the ability to change my nail color. It’s seriously a sickness.

9. Bacon. Smoked pig bacon. If you do not understand why it’s on this list, 1  You are a communist that wasn’t taught the proper way to infiltrate our ways, or 2  you are a vegetarian, besides my Aunt Marlene, I can’t know you. You eat my food’s food. That makes you the enemy of bacon and therefore my arch nemesis.

  10. The fact that my Google Search Bar is private! The fact that I have to look up my kids’ math homework, what an ingredient for a recipe really is, what French drains to pee in are called, What would happen if humans were not the dominant creature on the planet, Why did Picasso cut off his ear, and did he love his brother in more than an accepted way? New ways to insult Yankee fans.

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