Friday, November 22, 2013

Saint Louis? No, Navin Johnson.

I love the theatre. Until lately, the only kind I ever got to see was high school plays and community theater shows. I have a great friend that knows I have this love of theater. She asked me to go with her to see Sister Act Wednesday. It's about a 6 hour drive from here to there, so I get excited because I love to drive. All the talking, the special 'Roadtrip' playlist that has over 600 songs on it from every genre of music you can think of. 

The excitement of the upcoming roadtrip had me stoked. Then we decided what car we were taking. I have an at least 8 year old dirt brown Kia that runs successfully on a flat tire every other week. So it was decided we would take her truck. Her brand new, very pretty, silver truck. Not only is the new-car-smell gloriously thick within the cab. I'm high off the fact that I get to drive this bad boy. On the highway. My lead foot will no doubt be put to good use. 

I climb up into this lovely truck. Find the ignition, turn the key and see every manner of electro gadgety thing you can imagine blink on and some even have a start up tone to them. I felt like I was trying to navigate and drive a very small, yet highly lit Christmas tree, or The Enterprise. We stop to get gas and I glance at the front passenger side window. The ghost of the sticker from the lot where it was purchased is still eerily staring at me. Seriously, the window was spotless, the car fogs up, the sticker shows up. (In all honesty, I think it's the ghost sticker that re-spritzes new car smell throughout). 

We take off. Got a drink, don't need a map, and we have hundreds of miles ahead of us. This is my idea of heaven. The talking goes from subject to subject, back around to a few that always run throughout our discussions. Good music, singing along to it, playing my dashboard drums and seat dancing. I am DEFINITELY the kind of girl that seat dances. 

We get not quite half way there and of course, my lead foot is cruising along, I glance to see what time it is, the truck speaks to me through it's screen. It says 'No Hurry'. I. Freak. Out. The flipping truck KNEW I was speeding! How did it know that? Is it connected to the local police so they can give me a ticket? I turn to my friend, face devoid of emotion and color - I whisper....How did it know? I slow down, keep watching waiting for it to give me a 'Hey, great job taking my advice and slowing up - Drive safely kind of thing after I adjusted to the right speed. No electronic hi 5 for me. 

During my confusion, I didn't hear anything from my friend. For good reason. She was laughing as hard as I'd made her laugh, yet! When she caught her breath, after 2 attempts at speech, then more laughter, I hear three words. It's a song. I didn't want to believe it at first. How old have I gotten that I can't recognize the readout on a screen as NON-DRIVING DIRECTIONS and not the music it was? 

Never one to skip the opportunity to laugh at myself, I almost have to pull over because my eyes are closed in a truly, genuine belly laugh. My mood was on top of the world after that. We got to the show, laughed til we cried, listened to an old nun and an Archbishop - Wolfman-Jack both rapping. Regardless of what happened the rest of the night, I will never forget that 'No Hurry' is the name of a song that I still haven't listened to. 

Embarrassingly True Story. 

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