Thursday, November 21, 2013

You've got to put a whole lot of gone between you and a girl like that...

New blog, new place to rant, new (possible) audience. Here are the deets on your new hostess to this stomach churning roller coaster that, laughingly, calls itself life. I have 3 demons that I am slowly turning into my very own army. I get creative with punishments.

 I love anything that usually has a cult-following. Be it Doctor Who, The Red Sox, Supernatural, Monty Python, Star Wars, The Patriots, Jeff Gordon, Star Trek, Wil Wheaton, (I secretly stalk him). I adore British Sit-Coms. I love trivia of any kind and at any given minute I will spout of some ridiculously hilarious line that could be 100% me, or a complete theft or a much funnier writer than me. I have man crushes on far too many guys in a varying degree of ages, creeds, colors, sexual persuasions and religions. To be fair, I have almost just as many girl crushes on far too many girls in a varying degree of ages, creeds, colors, sexual persuasions and religions, as well.

On appearances, alone, my family can look like your normal average family. I should say on SOME appearances, we can look entirely normal. The problem with normal, is my version of normal is absolutely unlike anyone else's. Normal takes effort. Effort, organization and a dislike of being comfortable, I've realized. I wear pajamas for full day, I live in Yoga pants that have never seen a bit of Yoga, unless I have to lean too far over the car seat to get a dropped toy. I have ZERO shame, I'm blunt, I believe in wearing matching bra & knicker sets. I read like a mad woman that is going to go blind any day now. I am the walking or limping epitome of the word fan-girl. I fall in love with books I haven't read, places I've never traveled to and people I've never met.

What I plan to share is a look at the life of a self proclaimed nerd, with EXCELLENT taste in film and music, that just HAPPENS to have a family. In closing, I'd like to say BURMA!

 This is proof we can dress up and look like the normal average family.

And this is us daily. 

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